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24th Jun 2024

Top 3 Must-Listen Episodes: A Journey Into Epic Leadership and Transformational Experiences

Hey Leaders! This week on the Marli Williams Podcast is a unique invitation to revisit the highlights of Marli's transformative podcast series. Whether you're a seasoned leader or just starting out, this episode gives you a chance to reconnect with the foundational Episodes 1 and 2, focusing on Marli’s personal journey and the game-changing "mindset of epic leadership." Plus, gain exclusive tips from Episode 14 with guest expert Joanna Lindenbaum on crafting transformational experiences. Discover why these episodes are listener favorites and gain insights into becoming a change-maker. Marli's break in the wilderness is a great opportunity for you to revisit these pivotal episodes and refresh your perspective. Ready to lead with purpose? Tune in now!

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The Art of Creating Transformational Experiences -14

Marli Williams is an international keynote speaker, master facilitator, and joy instigator who has worked with organizations such as Nike, United Way, Doordash, along with many colleges and schools across the United States. She first fell in love with transformational leadership as a camp counselor when she was 19 years old. After getting two degrees and 15 years of leadership training, Marli decided to give herself permission to be the “Professional Camp Counselor” she knew she was born to be. Now she helps incredible people and organizations stop waiting for permission and start taking bold action to be the leaders and changemakers they’ve always wanted to be through the power of play and cultivating joy everyday. She loves helping people go from stuck to STOKED and actually created her own deck of inspirational messages called StokeQuotes™ which was then followed by The Connect Deck™ to inspire more meaningful conversations. Her ultimate mission in the world is to help others say YES to themselves and their big crazy dreams (while having fun doing it!) To learn more about Marli’s work go to and follow her on Instagram @marliwilliams

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Marli Williams [:

Hey, everyone. What's happening? I am super stoked to welcome you to the Marli Williams podcast. I am your host, Marli Williams, bringing you thought provoking insights, expert interviews, and actionable strategies to unlock your potential as a leader, facilitator, and speaker. Thank you for joining me on this journey of growth, transformation, and impact. Let's lead together.

Marli Williams [:

Hey, everybody. What is happening? I am super stoked to have you back to the podcast. And this week, I'm gonna invite you to do a little catching up on the podcast. I am going off the grid camping in the wilderness with my sweetheart. And so, this week is an invitation to check out the top 3 podcasts so far of all the 33 podcasts that I've recorded. The first one is actually the first episode of the podcast. So if you haven't listened to it, definitely check it out. It's all about my journey to Epic Leadership and really what has inspired me to do the work that I do in the world.

Marli Williams [:

The second one is the number one thing that changes the game, mindset of epic leadership. So essentially the first and second podcast episodes are by far the most listened to And episode number 14, the art of creating transformational experiences with Joanna Lindenbaum, which is incredible. And it's all about how to really lead as a transformational leader. So I invite you to take some time this week, go back into the archives of the Marli Williams podcast, Let's Lead Together, and take some time to look at the ones, listen to the ones that resonate with you. Check out the top 3 podcasts, number 1, number 2, and number 14. And we will be back next week with more love, more insight, more transformational knowledge and wisdom to share it with all of you as you continue on your journey of EPIC leadership. Sending you all so much love from the woods, and we will see you next

Marli Williams [:

week. We have more exciting episodes and remarkable guests lined up, so make sure to tune in next time. Until then, keep leading with purpose, coaching with heart, and speaking Marli

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